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Signatures for A Petition to name the next United States Navy nuclear powered aircraft carrier the USS ENTERPRISE

ID First Name Last Name Comments Veteran? Service
1 AndrewNiemyer Let us restore some shred of dignity to the naming of our ships of war. Yes U. S. Navy 1972-2003
2 KevinKelley   no  
3 WillDossel Carriers should be named for things we all have in common; they are a reminder of the great ships and men who held the line when the odds were against us. Yes Navy
4 C. DwightCardwell Enough all ready. The Navy is losing its traditions and heritage to the politicians. The Navy should never be without Kitty Hawk Enterprise, Hornet, and Ranger. LCDR USN/Ret
5 RexDarling The practice of naming carriers after politicians is the height of demeaning silliness. We should return to the traditions that have historically served the US so well and name carriers after famous battles like Coral Sea, Mid-Way, etc.,or earlier Revolut Yes USAF
6 ByronAudler There must always be a major ship of the US Navy named Enterprise No Military Contractor
7 RobertDunning   Yes US Navy
8 GregHarris Name her right. Yes. USN
9 KennethSchoeni Member, Tailhook Assoc. since 1986 Member, U.S. Naval Insitute since 1986 Member, U.S. Navy League since 1988    
10 DouglasHelmer May her name live on!    
11 TommyThomason   Yes U.S. Army
12 EricShiffman Stop with the politicians already! Enterprise is the way to go. Yes U.S. Army
13 BethSchietzelt Please, enough with the politicians! No  
14 William G.Schultz Sirs, Really, the practice of naming US Naval warships -- esp[ecially aircraft carriers -- has a long set tradition. Please continue the naming of these great vessels after famous battles, or famous warships. Yes, Sir! United States Navy
15 DeborahAylward Although living in Canada, surely there could be no finer name for a new aircraft carrier than USS Enterprise to carry on such a fine tradition of excellence.    
16 MichaelStansfield It is tradition that there be a ship named Enterprise in the U.S. Navy. Please do not break this tradition. no  
17 EmilioDesalvo Too bad you cannot call it the Giuseppe Garibaldi, as he was forced to refuse the offer from President Lincoln to fight in the US Civil War. It would have been interesting to have two carriers with the same name nearby... No  
18 CharlesDiehl   yes USN
19 CFaulkner   Yes Royal Navy
20 VincentRobinson   No  
21 JeffreyMassey I served on Big E, from 2000 to 2003. I was the Enterprise UnderSea Warfare Officer and Tactical Action Officer. My father served on Enterprise as squadron AT assigned to VA-97. He deployed during 1973-1977 on Big E including evac of Saigon. Yes Navy
22 DonaldMiller Enterprise is the only name this fantastic new carrier should be named! Keep the tradition going! God Bless the US Navy! God Bless the USA! No  
23 TerryRyan Enterprise is a historic and venerable name. It is time to stop naming ships after politicians. Yes U.S. Navy
24 DanBense My son served as a dvision officer on the Big E when she embarked the first Carrier Air Wing to simultaneously perform in two theaters of operation...Iraq and Afghanistan. He is now preparing to leave 2nd Flt. and return to sea on the Linclon as a Lcdr/DH No  
25 MichaelMykytyn   N0  
26 KarlNewman   Yes US Navy
27 DavidDurham   Yes Navy
28 GeorgeWisnieski Enough of the politician class. Bring back the great historical names! Enterprise, Hornet, Lexington, Constellation, Coral Sea, Midway, etc! Yes Navy
29 KefferRhodes   Yes USN
30 PaulaConan      
31 KenRehor CVN-79 Should be christened the USS Enterprise Yes US Navy
32 ChrisMaxwell Make it so. No  
33 ThomasFeeks Make it so! YES CAPT USN (Ret.)
34 JeffreyMcGarry I can think of no better name for an Aircraft Carrier. Yes US Navy
35 DonAsher   Yes Army
36 ChristopherIrvine The name "Enterprise" belongs on the next carrier. It gives our enemies pause and our allies assurance. The name is synonomous with the elite carrier in the navy. It should stay that way. Yes. United States Marine Corps.
37 NancyMaresca   No  
38 MatthewHill This naming of our nation's best ships after politicians has to stop. Enterprise, Lexington, Saratoga, Independence, Constellation, Hornet, Wasp, Bunker Hill, Essex...all worthy names.    
39 DarrenRogers Stop politicizing the names of Naval vessels and go back to the traditional naming patterns of the past. Yes US Navy
40 BrettBell   Yes USN
41 TimothyPannone Naming naval vessels after presidents is one thing. Naming them after congressmen and senators is another matter entirely. Please stop and go back with tradition. Yes USCG/USCGR
42 TimothyKindred US Navy Capital ships have a long and storied history. I cannot fathom a better name for a CVN than that of "Enterprise". Please do whatever is needed to make this so. Yes US Navy
43 RobertWilliams Scrap naming ships for politicians. Name CVN-79 USS ENTERPRISE Yes USN
44 EricDaw No more second=rate politicians! Aircraft carriers should be named traditional ship names, naval battles or after Navy heros or possibly Presidents. No more Carl Vinson or John C. Stennis. Active Duty USN
45 Bruce M.Legg I did 30 years (1968-1997) in the USN and served 10 ships. There was always the "Big E", and there always should be a "Big E"! V/R B.M. Legg EMCM(SS/AW) USN Ret Yes US Navy
46 RobertSchodroski I support naming the next CVN the USS Enterprise. USN (Retired) Navy
47 BenjaminUlfers      
48 GaryRanno   Yes 31 years NAVY
49 JimDaniels Keep the Big E rolling along! ACTDU currently USN
50 GiuseppeBriotti great name, great history, great past, great future! No No
51 SteveTranzow It is time we return to honoring the ships and battles that shaped our country, rather than play politics by naming our new Navy after politicians of any stripe    
52 GeorgeScott Totally agree with recommendation Yes 31Years, Navy
53 ChristopherNutting      
54 PeteFanning Please consider continuing the tradition of this fine ship name in the fleet, considering it's place in history. As a carrier veteran myself, I would consider it a high honor to serve aboard this vessel and implore you name CVN-79 USS ENTERPRISE. Yes Navy
55 ShawnMc Cully      
56 AndrewJohnstone      
57 StephenBrooks The ship name Enterprise is an honorable one, and should not be discarded. Yes U.S.M.C. Vietnam
58 RobertAntenucci   Yes USNR
59 MichaelConnors This is an unquestionably fitting idea - few ships in the USN evoke such a memorable image. Name her ENTERPRISE, and allow the name to live on another fifty years! Yes Navy
60 LucienGauthier I can think of no other name that fits a Ship than ENTERPRISE. I would gladly sail in her. Yes USN
61 johnbock   yes USMC
62 MarvinHank   yes USN (SW)
63 ThomasJackson      
64 CareyKeneer      
65 JoeHamlet   Yes Army
66 JohnMahaffy Much as I may respect the Goldwater name, I respect the traditions of the Navy more. USS ENTERPRISE should be her name. 20-year vet USN
67 CarrollLeFon Name the ship for a veteran war fighting vessel! Yes USN
68 TimmAdams   Yes Navy
69 BradLena does it make sense to name ships after politicians that do not subject themseleves to the laws this pass? Doing so insults every service man or woman. no  
70 DavidTransou It would be a horrible travesty to have a US Navy without a USS Enterprise! Yes USN
71 JamesFehr      
72 ThomasHarnish   Yes Navy
73 RonSnyder Keep the Enterprise alive and honor the memory. yes USAF
74 MortenTorstensen Please keep the name ENTERPRISE on the seas forever! No Army, 3 years
75 FrederickParkin   Yes US Army
76 PaulCarrier Warships should never EVER be named for politicians, especially living ones. Currently Serving Army
77 ScottHann A Navy is run by it's traditions - A U.S. Navy without an Enterprise lets slip those traditions!! Yes U.S. Army
78 AddisonIngle   Yes US Navy
79 PaulDruce      
80 BrianHarlow Just as long as it's NOT a Politician! Yes RAF
81 MatthewSbonik Go back to our rich naval heritage and leave politicians to name streets or something after themselves.    
82 JeffShultz Quit naming ships after politicians! Go back to the old naming conventions. Yes US Army
83 RonaldFox History shows that those honored in the present day often prove to be unworthy, and that those who are ignored in their life are found to be most honorable in the future. Remember that we are a country of ideals, not men, and name our ships that way. No  
84 DavidRatcliffe "Enterprise" has been a proud name in the U.S. Navy. CVN-79 should carry on the tradition. no  
85 JohnCarmichael Naming Ships after Political Wonks needs to cease! Please, the Navy is a service that needs to retain some tradition! We should ALWAYS have a USS ENTERPRISE! JC, Editor, Tailhook Daily Briefing (Life Member Tailhook Assn.) no  
86 JeremiahCushman   No  
87 RichardStoll Great idea. There should _always_ be an Enterprise serving in the US Navy.    
88 BrandonAmbrose My father served on the Enterprise (the eighth). No None
89 RobertWhite   Yes Army
90 MatthewWhite Let them name toilets after the politicians and leave warship names alone. Yes Navy
91 RickVanHouten   Yes U.S. Navy
92 BrianReischl   no  
93 LarryEtter   Retired Navy
94 CurtMiddlebrook Our capital ships should not honor politicians, but honor the Nation. Keeping the history alive in naming our most visible vessels that defend us is more appropriate. Yes US Navy
95 TadLyon An honored and time proven tradition should be continued. Naming carriers after politicians is wrong. Yes U S M C
96 NathanFeuerstine Please consider retaining this piece of our country's history. It is time for an end to the practice of naming ships for politicians. No N/A
97 EricElsam   Yes! USAF
98 WilliamSimpson There should always be an Enterprise in the US Navy YES US Navy
99 DavidCasey Keep the name Enterprise alive! Yes US Army
100 DanielCarrillo Keep the name USS Enterprise in honor of our "brothers in arms" yes U.S.M.C. Vietnam